I-TECH has worked in Namibia since 2004 to support a robust and sustainable health care system, and to address key health challenges including high HIV prevalence and a critical shortage of skilled healthcare workers.

Based in the capital city, Windhoek, I-TECH Namibia has a long history of successfully supporting the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS), the University of Namibia, and the Ministry of Defence/Namibia Defence Force to improve the health of all Namibians. I-TECH Namibia’s flagship work included the training of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and community counselors in a wide range of subjects including sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, and pediatrics.

Successes now also include the establishment of Nurse Initiated and Managed ART services, support of the use of distance learning technologies (digital video conferencing, Project ECHO) to train Namibia’s dispersed health workforce, and delivery of voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) services aimed at keeping boys and men HIV-negative. In 2017, I-TECH will begin to implement HIV prevention activities aimed at keeping adolescent girls and young women HIV-negative, including through the provision of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis).

Program Highlights

Cervical Cancer Screening, Management and Treatment in Namibia
I-TECH is supporting the MoHSS in the development of the national Cervical Cancer Control Strategy to guide screening and management guidelines, program roll-out, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. This effort is supported by Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, an organization addressing cancer burden in low-resource settings and is drawing attention to ...
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Site-level Data Improvement and Use in Namibia
I-TECH continues to focus efforts on the improvement of data quality and use of data to improve clinical decision making. I-TECH works at the site level to build awareness and buy-in for data quality and use among site-level management and health care workers ...
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Strengthening National Health Systems through Task Shifting and Training in Namibia
Working with the MoHSS to roll out treatment in the country, I-TECH supported the training of physicians to provide ART soon after the first national ART guidelines were published in 2003. I-TECH subsequently began supporting the training of nurses in both ART (2006) and IMAI (Integrated Management of Adolescent and ...
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Strengthening the HIV Care Continuum and ART Adherence in Namibia
In accordance with the HIV Care Continuum, I-TECH supports direct HIV care and treatment service delivery as well as on-site clinical mentoring and technical assistance in 81 facilities in five regions of Namibia. I-TECH supports key evidence-based strategies such as provider-initiated HIV counseling and testing, eMTCT, and decentralization of ART services ...
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